Kyle Bowe - Brand Identity Design & Development

Kyle Bowe is an author, speaker, coach, and the host of The Aligned Influence Podcast. He approached our team as he was launching his personal brand and wanted us to create a unique brand identity to help him spread the word about what he’s creating. Check out what we built for him below.

Project Details


One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to developing your brand identity is maintaining a consistent style and design throughout all of your various platforms.




When working with Kyle, we implemented his brand colors and style into the graphics that he would be sharing on social media in order to promote his business and the & values that drive him and what he is building. We also did the same for his printed marketing materials like his business cards for when he is out networking and meeting new potential clients.


As an author, speaker, and a coach, Kyle also is the host of the Aligned Influence Podcast. We worked with him to create the podcast art that will appear on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasting platforms - again making sure to maintain the same style throughout as the rest of his brand.


“Reformation Designs helped me understand what really goes into a brand…that it’s more than just a logo, colors, and some fonts…and while they did an incredible job with all of that for me, they helped me clarify what my message is, how I want to be seen in the world, and the type of impact that I want to make on the people around me and my clients.”

Kyle Bowe

Author, speaker, coach and podcast host,

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