Happy Birthday Jackson - Red Dynamo Character Animation and Voiceover Video

The Red Dynamo is a character that we came up with a few years ago when we were playing around with Adobe Character Animator. We created this video to wish our nephew a happy birthday. He loved it! He’s a big fan of video games and superheroes and we wanted to incorporate elements of those things into the birthday wish. Check out the video below.

Watch the Video

the video:

For this project, we wanted to create a unique bithday experience for our nephew who is a HUGE fan of superheroes, video games, and cartoons.

After drawing the character in various iPad applications and setting it up for animation, we fired up the animation program, did a few takes of the audio, and added the background sounds and effects.

This coupled with the Barnes and Noble gift card we sent him as a gift and you’ve got one happy camper!

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