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We believe that smart, fun, and intentional design leads to big returns.

We are here to help your organization look good, work smarter, & make more money so that you can focus on what really matters.

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We are your full service solution for bringing creative projects to life.

At Reformation Designs, we help create the foundations of your brand. Our team of creative wizards will work with you to build a unique brand identity, develop and refine your website, and help craft a unique look and style for you to share your story with the world. Successful businesses understand the importance of maintaining a consistent look and personality throughout all that they are doing - and we can help create that for you.

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Our team bridges the gap between concept and reality.

We build brands from the ground up. We are here to help you along the journey of bringing your ideas to life…every step of the way.

Reformation Designs is your solution for digital and print marketing creations.

We bring over two decades of creative industry experience to the table.

When you choose Reformation Designs, you are working with a versatile and prolific creative team that has extensive experience in the wizardry of multimedia arts.

Branding isn’t just about your logo - it’s about the experience that you create for your customers. We will work with you to create something that is uniquely yours and tells your story in a visually captivating way…all while keeping the focus on helping you engage and connect better with your audience.

If you are building your own business, starting your own project, or creating anything from scratch, you know that there are a myriad of decisions to make. We help take the guesswork out of the process and are always developing innovative solutions for making your ideas a reality.

Brand Identity and Development

Think of your your logo like it is the visual foundation of your brand.  It is a reflection of how you communicate with your customers and the perception you want to convey. Our team specializes in building and designing customer-focused brands in a way that make sure you stand out from the crowd and look great, too.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design & Development

Your website is your real estate on the web. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, regularly updated, professionally designed, and easy to navigate, you’re leaving money on the table. With over 15 years of web design and development experience, we make sure that your site looks and functions great on all devices.

Results-Driven Design

At Reformation Designs, we believe good design should MAKE you money. We create experiences that make it easy for your customers and fans to interact with and support your business or organization. We build custom branding and design solutions for you and your team that are focused on the goals you are seeking to achieve.

Got creative problems? We’ve got creative solutions.

Whether you’re a startup company that needs an entire digital and print marketing package, an author that is looking to design, publish and promote your new book, or a large company that is looking for a fresh new look on your outdated website, Reformation Designs has creative solutions for you.

These are just some of the things we can do to help you in the crafting and development of your brand:

  • creative direction and content marketing strategy
  • commissioned artwork for your event, home, or office
  • branding, business cards, logo design, and custom products, apparel / swag
  • graphic design, book covers, album art
  • web design and development
  • e-commerce solutions
  • monthly website maintenance packages
  • social media setup and content creation
  • copywriting & internet marketing
  • mailing list setup & integration
  • business system automation solutions
  • video, photography and voiceovers

Blog Posts:

Have To Vs. Want To: Thoughts After Escaping the 9-5

When we first set out to build our own business, we had no idea what we were doing.

What we DID know was that we dreamed constantly about having the freedom to make our own creative decisions as to what the business was going to look like or could look like. We focused a lot on creating the content that we shared…

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Discipline is the Bridge

When you are working on building anything on your own or trying to form new, better habits, it is imperative to keep in mind that great things are not done suddenly or by accident.

They’re done one step at a time, and they are done on purpose.

Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

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What To Do When You Don’t Want to Do Anything

We all have days where we just aren’t feeling like doing much of anything.

On those days, I find it’s usually best to make it a point to do something fun and relaxing.

You know, instead of trying to force yourself to power through things that you’re having a really difficult time focusing on…

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Some of Our Clients:

Our clients love working with us!

When you bring Reformation Designs on the scene to help your business with your marketing, branding, web design and video, you are working with a team that has served clients all over the world.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying about Reformation Designs

Ryan & Laura at Reformation Designs are two of the most driven, inspired, & creative people that I have come across. Their keen eye for sharp design and strong desire to always learn and better their craft makes them a couple that I would recommend in a heartbeat. Check them out - you won’t be disappointed. Rick Frishman

best-selling author, publisher, & founder, Author 101 University

Ryan and Laura are a power team! They have a rare talent that allows them to take a complex idea and express it artistically in a simple way so that the average person can understand it in the blink of an eye. When you work with them, you can rest assured that your business and best interests are in good hands! I recommend Reformation Designs for anyone that wants to increase brand awareness. Maria Brophy

licensing agent & creative entrepreneur, MariaBrophy.com

Ryan and Laura of Reformations Designs were the right choice to help revamp my tired, outdated website. They took the time to understand me, my vision for the website and what I wanted it to accomplish.

They brought great ideas and insights to me. The current product is very cool, modern and fresh! Check it out at kellijaecks.com - I’m proud of it, and as one of my colleagues said to me, “It is 500% better!” Ryan and Laura became part of my entrepreneurial team and I highly recommend working with them. Kelli Jaecks

Speaker and Author, Verbal Impact

There are an overwhelming number of ways to build a genuine audience and customer base. Working with Reformation Designs has consistently helped me discard the noise and distill down the truly helpful information that’s unique to my platform. Their ability to see the individual and business model from a 360 degree view, and guide them on the path of least resistance is at the same time exciting, and comforting. They take out the confusion and distraction, leaving you with clear and achievable steps. Brilliant.  Leslie Calderoni

Speaker and Author, LeslieCalderoni.com

Ryan came into our business, made our customers feel very comfortable, got them speaking about their experience in an authentic way, ultimately producing an engaging video for our website to introduce our gym. He’s extremely creative and grounded in the reality that it’s about a clear message first and foremost, the creative flare makes it more interesting, but he’s not like many artists who don’t understand that the art can’t be distracting from your message. If you own a business that wants to build some effective content for attracting new leads, talk to this man! Highly recommended. Yusuf Clack

Owner & Fitness Instructor, Clackfit

Ryan is one of the most creative minds I know of. He is a man full of impeccable integrity and excellent interpersonal skills. If you need an über-skilled designer, brilliant help fleshing out your ideas, or if you have a message to share with world and need to give it wings, he’s your man. I give him my highest recommendation. Mark Paulson

Java Developer, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

Superheroes Ryan & Laura of Reformation Designs are awesome! They will engage & inspire your audience with their creative superpowers. Jim Kwik

Business Strategist, International Speaker & Celebrity Memory Coach, Kwik Learning & SuperheroYou

Your graphics are among the top shared posts on our Facebook page & are really getting Jack Canfield’s name out there. The images were beautiful! We were spending a bunch of time putting together our own graphics in Photoshop but they didn’t even compare to the work you did. From the get-go, they were getting us thousands of likes & shares on social media. We will definitely use your services next time we need more of these beautiful graphics. Lexi Wagner

Marketing Team Leader, The Jack Canfield Training Group

Ryan has strong interpersonal and leadership skills, knows how to cast a vision and follow through and implement great designs per the client’s request. Strong technical design skills and very customer service oriented. Ben Chu

Former Finance Lead, Google

Ryan did an amazing job from start to finish. I have never been through this process personally so there was a learning curve for me. Ryan was super patient with me. I wanted an amazing site, something that would draw people in from the moment they set eyes on our home page. Ryan and his wife Laura came up with a design and look for our site that can only be described as pure eye candy. I love it and would highly recommend him to anyone considering building a new site or rebuilding an old one. Michael Rose

Attorney, Pixton Elder Law

Mr. Rhoades is very talented in creating living online communities that learn, act and fellowship. He has managed to connect people from around the world and unite them around common values. He is very skilled in inspiring others to learn a topic for themselves and to put that knowledge into practice by leading with example. He is a talented art director with an eye for details and harmony. He thinks outside boxes. He inspires others to do likewise. He is bold but humble. He genuinely cares for others and has a heart towards helping others reaching their potential. As a video producer he is extremely skilled, both in filming, scripting, lighting, knowing how to perform in front of a camera and last but not least post production, where his skills really comes into light. Christoffer Björkskog

Head of Development, Genero Digital Agency

Ryan was the type of professional we all long for. High quality work, prompt in his response (phone calls no less), and nothing but a pleasure to work with. I’ve almost lost all the hair on my head sending copious notes of errors to developers who were supposed to be fixing things. Reformation Designs produces first rate work AND is reliable - a combination which is SOOO hard to find. Shana Dressler

Program Director, 30 Weeks

When Alta Devices needed some video footage of our production equipment, we hired Ryan for the task. He shot everything he needed in a very short amount of time, and then edited and produced the final product within days. When I needed some footage for a product announcement, I turned to Ryan again, and once again he delivered flawlessly. On top of that, he is a great guy with great ideas and always willing to go over and above what is asked. Rick Kapusta

Chief Marketing Officer, Alta Devices

Reformation Designs is very innovative and I would recommend Ryan to anyone needing graphic or website design. It was a pleasure working with Ryan on the branding for Buy in the Mid Valley! He was creative and took the extra time to make sure that we received exactly what we wanted with our finished logo designs. He is a fantastic resource and has a lot of knowledge!

Kim Leighty

Former Director of Member Services, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

We Believe that Professional Design MAKES You More Money

At Reformation Designs, we believe that you will make more money by investing in professional design rather than going the DIY or “cheap” route.

We work best with those who are tired of settling for DIY or commoditized design that makes your brand look like everybody else who went that route.

How many times have you taken the DIY or “cheap” path…only to end up disappointed with the results? Do you want to stand out and have a brand that really reflects your style and your business?

Book a quick meeting with us today and let us help you bring your creative ideas to life so you can focus on what you’re good at.

We work best with business owners, content creators, authors, speakers & coaches.

When you are looking for web design, logos, video production, and marketing for your business, your book, your content and your services, Reformation Designs knows what it takes to get your audience's attention and make you look good at the same time.

Ready for a creative overhaul?

When you choose Reformation Designs, you'll be working with a team of internationally trusted creative professionals who have a proven track record of building strong brands and communities.
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Ready for a creative overhaul?

When you choose Reformation Designs, you'll be working with a team of internationally trusted creative professionals who have a proven track record of building strong brands and communities.

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